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Gehazi coveted the "blessings" of the good life but was willing to compromise truth to obtain it. Likewise, he exhorts readers to obey God, and thereby give God an excuse to bless. Lest some think that Tenney is pitching a formulaic, no-fail guide to "getting from God," the remainder of the text details how those who walk toward God will suffer along the way. Asserting that God does His best work in secret throughout scripture, Tenney shares the unlikely coinciding events of Esther's strategic placement in the palace, Samson's inward character flaws and John Mark's inability to withstand the rigors of being a traveling evangelist.

Yet God worked through these unlikely people, despite their fears and failings, and He made up the difference in every situation.

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Similarly, God used Gehazi's years as a leper to change and refine his character. Placed in yet another "tempting" position to profit by another's loss, Gehazi makes the right choice and God heals him. In sum, Tenney shares that part of the process of making an ultimate comeback from financial woes, ill health or relational breakdowns is embracing the supposition that the "gift of failure" is one of the best learning tools in life. Similar situation. My husband too Threatening to leave me and said I was so weak. I was nearly 4 mths sober and relapsed this week.

I had already feel terrible enough too. I relapsed this year and was ashamed. The hospital treated me like a criminal. But it was after my relapse that I realized my party days were over, and it was time to move on to the next chapter.

I survived…this time. There may not be a next time. I am successful at work and are moving toward my PhD in psychology. Family, school, and work are my priorities, and I have to set a good example for my kids. Hang in there. I relapsed December 21, Thanks for this article. I almost lost my job and my life. I could feel the vienes in the right side of my head feeling as if they were going to snap. There may not be a next time for me. I will be using smart recovery to help me stay clean and sober. Hi Tom — Happy New Year to you!

Thank you for such informative info. I will work through this Smart Recovery.

Reward Yourself

Next time I will not survive. This article has given me hope.

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I just came back from a brutal relapse where I experienced the most terryifying hallucinations, anxiety and lack of self care…. I have recently had somewhat simular situation as you. Recently I mean less then 24hrs ago I relapsed for the first time during my first month of recovery. Everyone was so proud of me, I feel 2-many ways to describe how I feel upon a one-night choice I took.

My anxiety is at its peak, not from relapsing rather from my little dirty secret. How I felt my way of normal thoughtful thinking dissappeared into thin air far-far elsewhere thinking of finding that which I managed to loss before. Most-Definitely can not ask for there help with my questions. Please if anyone reads this sooner than later, help me by replying to my comment or directly towards me. I know it might not seem like it right now, but everything you are going through with relapse is completely normal.

Everyone deals with this. The main thing here is to learn from your relapse, because otherwise the meaning and relevance of all your guilt and negative feelings about yourself due to relapse is completely forfeited. Now is the time to build on your successes, not dwell on your failures. The biggest battle has already been won: You realized you wanted to change, and you dug deep to find the courage to change.

Huge shift in your mental paradigm. But when it comes to rolling up your sleeves and doing the work of recovery, you have the ultimate weapon in your corner: SMART Recovery. Hey Daniel.

The Ultimate Comeback: How to Turn a Bad Night Into a Good Day - eBook

I feel you bro. Stay strong. I thought about crack all the time dreamed about it constantly. Nightmares mostly.. I was out of my mind with anxiety and guilt.

How to Bounce Back from Bad Grades | The Princeton Review

I prayed to God to forgive me and to continue to give me strength. I get a wave of anxiety every time I think of it and I think of it all the time. I got rid of the taste it was like I needed to scratch an itch.. I pray the craving never comes back. I pray that I am reminded of this feeling of being a worm on the end of a hook. Bait for the devil. I wish I was strong enough to do the right thing all the time. Hopefully I can learn from this mistake and move past it. Sometimes fear is healthy. Thanks for listening Daniel you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Within 5 weeks of being out, doing fret I must add, new job, family coming back around, and seeing my kids again, relapse hit me out of no where. I truly believe that this smart recovery is for me and WILL help tremendously, thank you so much.

Hi my name is Kris, I am an addict Now on the road to recovery! Bet myself up all day about it having to now face the music of dealing with my loved ones. I have used for most of my life i was always miserable looking for a way out i coildnt escape jail hospitals sucide attempts i had alot of loss and hurt and keep it shoved down it was to painful i do have hope now.

I have everything in life a person could wish for. I got married in recovery and was allowed the honour of adopting my beautiful daughter whilst clean and sober. I thought because alcohol was not my drug of choice then i would be okay having the occasional drink, this turned out to be a decision I regret to this day.

It took about 6 months in total before I was injecting heroin and crack cocaine again. The day the official adoption certificate came through the post was the day my using was exposed to all those who I had worked tirelessly rebuilding the trust of. The ripple effect of that one decision to have one social drink is difficult to put into words and so many people have been affected and are still suffering the consequences to this day.

We do recover but we are never recovered. Wear your clean time like a badge of honour, something I never did. I always played it down and feel it was in part due to feeling some level of shame about being an addict whereas the truth is that to come through active addiction and survive means your a badass and a true warrior. I love this book. I re read it sometimes, not many book do I re read. Mar 09, Christinemilligan rated it it was amazing Shelves: tommy-tenney. This book will revolutionize your walk with The Lord. I've given this book to many people and re-read it yearly.

Aug 03, Rob rated it really liked it.