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A Place to Hide

Though what you said seems plausible, i think it is more of a scuffle with a individual person. Flag schimmi on November 29, My Interpretation I get a picture of a people's fear of what was to come after September 11 , when Bush declared 'war' on terror, from the chorus at least. People turning to their friends, and the people they love, and banding together 'I'm banging on your door, so come on and let me in; I need a place to hide, need a place to hide before the storm begins' - 'the storm' is the war at home that some people might have expected for some sort of sense of security when the war comes.

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More White Lies Lyrics. Villagers lied, covered up, procrastinated and concealed, but most importantly they welcomed.

Secret Hiding Places You’ve Never Thought Of

This is the story of an isolated community in the upper reaches of the Loire Valley that conspired to save the lives of Jews under the noses of the Germans and the soldiers of Vichy France. It is the story of a pacifist Protestant pastor who broke laws and defied orders to protect the lives of total strangers.

It is the story of an eighteen-year-old Jewish boy from Nice who forged sets of false identity papers to save other Jews and French Resistance fighters from the Nazi concentration camps. And it is the story of a community of good men and women who offered sanctuary, kindness, solidarity and hospitality to people in desperate need, knowing full well the consequences to themselves. Powerful and richly told, A Good Place to Hide speaks to the goodness and courage of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

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A Place To Hide: True Stories Of Holocaust Rescues by Jayne Pettit

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